July 12, 2012

Our Customers Write…

School Grounds Upgrades

Thank you! The children are thrilled to be able to play on real grass!!!!! Great job!

Principal, McKee PS

Play Ground-Fence

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new play yard fencing. The crew of Jason Price and Chris Arsenault has been fantastic to work with and incredibly efficient. The students, staff and parents are most appreciative. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Principal, Claude Watson School for the Arts

Yard and Grading

The yard looks incredible. The feedback from our parents and community at-large has been very positive; not only you addressed the grading concern, your crew certainly put in the effort to wrap up the job with great care and attention to fine details. Thank you very much for considering our input and completing the job with great integrity and within the discussed timelines.

Principal, Bowmore Road Jr & Sr PS

Lighting Upgrades

Just a quick note to tell you what a fabulous job Paul Messager and Carmen Ionadi did in the recent lighting upgrade job in the Malvern auditorium. This was a very difficult job that could have turned in a very contentious and problematic situation. Paul and Carmen made every effort to be accommodating and helpful with all the staff involved.

I was quite worried about deadlines being met but they made every effort to finish up the job as soon as they could and ensured that everyone was happy. Our drama staff and students are thrilled with the new lighting and I am breathing a sigh of relief. Please relay to them how much I appreciated their professionalism and support.

Principal, Malvern C.I.

Auditorium Upgrades

On behalf of the students, staff and parents of North Albion, please accept my deepest gratitude for your efforts. Please also ensure your team understands how appreciative we are of the hours they spent getting our auditorium ready for use.

Principal, North Albion

Auditorium Upgrades

Just a quick note to let you know what a great experience it has been to have the riggers and electrician crews working here at Lakeshore C.I. for the last 7 weeks or so. They have had lots of great suggestions and have been great about working around our schedule when we needed the auditorium.

Vice-Principal, Lakeshore Collegiate Institute

Theatre Safety Upgrade

It’s been a pleasure having the lighting workers with us – they have been helpful, accommodating, polite etc.

Principal, Humberside Collegiate Institute

School Grounds Upgrades

On behalf of the entire Silver Springs Community I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your on-going support and contributions to the installation and upgrades of our school ground. Our students can now be seen taking part in healthy active living using our outdoor classroom, studying in the wet land area and just having good old fashion fun on the equipment.

The community spends time outside of school hours congregating with young children as well and it’s wonderful to see that a place where positive interactions and opportunities for social networking has been made available to the community. Our Open House and Ribbon Cutting ceremony was a success with an overwhelming number of community, parents and students in attendance. Thank you all so very much

Principal, Silver Springs P.S.

New Windows

Many thanks…you’ve completely transformed the look and feel of our school. Wow!

Principal, Amesbury Middle School

Window Project

The workers did a terrific job while they were in the school.

Principal, George S. Henry Academy

Window Replacement Project

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to Tom Melvin (lead hand) and the window crew who worked here at North Agincourt for the past few months on this window replacement program.

The crew was effective and accommodating. They did an excellent job maintaining a safe and professional work environment around our students, staff, and community. The windows look fantastic and every request made from the school was accommodated with a smile! Thank you very much to the crew and they are to be commended for a job well done!

Principal/Directrice, North Agincourt Jr. PS


Thanks a million for taking care of our needs. It certainly looks wonderful. Stilecroft staff and students are sending their thank you to you and the team.

Principal, Stilecroft Public School

New Window Installation

Thank you for all your good work. The windows look great and to date no complaints. Thank you also for working around our school day with little or no disruption!

Acting Principal, Willowdale Middle School

New Windows

As always this crew did an excellent job here and we enjoy their presence.

Principal, Humberside Collegiate Institute

New Window Installation

Your crew did a wonderful job. The windows are wonderful. The men on the job were great to have around. They were polite and friendly with our staff, and managed to minimize the disruption to our program.

Manager, Administration, The Etobicoke Children’s Centre

Window Installation:

Please pass along to your team that we appreciate how well they worked with us to complete the job.

Principal, Frank Oke S.S. and the Haney Centre

New Windows

I just want you to know that the team did a great job – not just on the windows (which they did), but also in and around the school. They were flexible, cheerful, and thoughtful. We appreciated the work they did, and the way they did it.

Principal, Mason Road Jr. P.S.

New Windows

Thank you for the great job your men did here at Dunlace PS. Both teams worked closely with me and our head caretaker Paul Rowley to ensure they did not interfere with daily school operations any more than was necessary and kept to each task within the projected timelines.

Everything went very smoothly and I was very impressed with their work and with the respect they demonstrated toward all individuals in the Dunlace school building. The windows look great by the way and we are very looking forward to seeing the completed project including the fabulous new shades!

Principal, Dunlace Public School

Library and Cafeteria

I would like to say what a pleasure it was to have such a professional crew come on site to complete the work. I am very pleased with the service and the professionalism of all the trades that were here.

Principal, Albert Campbell CI