The Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council (MCSTC) represents traditional unions and 20 individual trades. Past divisions of the maintenance, construction, and facility management have achieved a significant amount of recognition from both the National and International. This is due to the fact that they attained ISO 9002 Registration and National Quality Institute awards. Furthermore, management was amongst the first public sector divisions to receive such recognition. As a result, we presently use this acknowledgment as a goal for the Council to reach and to surpass in the near future.

The MCSTC has implemented many business practices which are not usually found in other public sector and unionized maintenance and construction departments by using creative business methods, staying competitive and having the ability to work within tight budgets. For instance, we portray the ability to confront and negotiate with private sector construction contractors in hopes of establishing construction projects at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and facilities. While the TDSB embraces fair wage policies that help ensure the TDSB attracts and retains skilled trades, especially in a boom construction times where private sector rates for skilled trades are exceeding the public sector, this is no rite of passage for TDSB skilled trades to perform all construction projects. If the TDSB skilled trades can offer the lowest bid against private sector contractors in tendered projects, we can be awarded the work. The bidding process also helps ensure the TDSB gets on-going competitive pricing for construction projects.

Members of the MCSTC, in conjunction with the TDSB, utilize a computerized processing system that allows work requests to be processed within regular hours. Members provide a 24/7 emergency service 365 days of the year, with a guaranteed response time of two hours. Members are on-call and carry pagers after hours, weekends and holidays as part of a comprehensive service package.

The Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council intends to become a partner by facilitating and training young people throughout the Greater Toronto Area with job experience in any of the 20 different trades we represent.